Ben Thomas is the visionary Founder and CEO of DBM, a subsidiary of Modish.ai, where he oversees three dynamic verticals: the DBM Architectural | Visual Design Firm, the Transformative Digest 3D Global Magazine, and the Modish.ai app. Ben is not only at the helm of these initiatives but also a co-developer of the patent-pending technology that has evolved from a singular app into these distinct yet interconnected verticals. With over 22 years of executive sales experience at leading companies such as GameWorks, Sega, and Trifecta Management Group, Ben brings a wealth of expertise and innovative thinking to his roles. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology, merging artistic excellence with advanced AI solutions. Under his direction, DBM’s design firm executes world-class architectural transformations, the Transformative Digest presents provocative and thought-provoking 3D design content, and the Modish.ai app redefines how interiors and exteriors are envisioned. Ben’s dedication to excellence and passion for innovation continually inspire his team and set new standards in the industry.

Ben Thomas

Founder | CEO

Wasif Mustafa is the Lead Architect at DBM (Designs by Modish). Born in Abbottabad, Pakistan, he graduated from the University of Engineering & Technology in Peshawar. Known for his visionary approach to transforming spaces where “imagination meets concrete reality,” Wasif excels in creating innovative and functional designs that push the boundaries of traditional architecture.

With expertise in software such as AutoCAD, Lumion, and Revit, Wasif leads his projects with a blend of technical proficiency and creative insight. His leadership extends beyond design, encompassing team management and strategic project planning. Outside of architecture, Wasif enjoys poetry, sports, and gaming, which enrich his creative perspective.

At DBM, Wasif is pivotal in developing concepts that integrate sophisticated design with practical functionality, making significant contributions to the architectural landscape.

Wasif Mustafa

Lead Architect

Gerald Waters Jr. serves as the VP of Visual Design at DBM (Designs by Modish). He plays a pivotal role in spearheading the company’s visual strategies, particularly focusing on the creation of viral visual content to enhance DBM’s branding and market presence. His responsibilities encompass overseeing all aspects of commercial creation for the firm, ensuring that each project aligns seamlessly with DBM’s innovative aesthetic and technological forefront. Gerald’s expertise significantly contributes to DBM’s mission to redefine architectural and interior design spaces through advanced 3D visualization technologies.

Gerald Waters Jr.

VP of Visual Design

Jewel Hamrick IV, DBM’s Director of Brand Operations, has an impressive background in film and television as a writer, producer, and director. He gained early acclaim with his first screenplay and film, “BASH: The Movie.” Hamrick further honed his craft at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he earned a degree in Film and Television Production. In addition to his work at DBM, he hosts the podcast “Check the IV,” which showcases creative talents and industry insights. At DBM, Hamrick leverages his extensive experience to drive innovative brand strategies and elevate the company’s presence in the architectural and design industry.

Jewel Hamrick IV

Director of Brand Operations

Florence White, CID | VP of Interior Design
Florence White unleashes her unparalleled passion for creative design to residential and commercial spaces at DBM. Since 2004, Florence has aesthetically outfitted moderate-sized homes and office interiors using contemporary, traditional, and mid-century modern motifs to bring life to areas. With her eclectic decorating style, Florence carefully embellishes spaces that intimately reflect their purpose and personality by selecting furniture, wallcoverings, accessories, rugs, and art, flavoring the architect’s creation, which she affectionately calls “adding the butter.“

Florence White

VP of Interior Design

Tariq Hussain is the Web Developer and Lead Designer at DBM, a subsidiary of Modish.ai. In this dual role, he expertly manages DBM’s website while leading the creation of 3D magazines and portfolios for clients. Renowned for his innovative and visually captivating designs, Tariq combines technical prowess in web development with artistic creativity, setting new standards in the industry. He has earned accolades for transforming complex design concepts into engaging and aesthetically pleasing digital products. Known for his ability to seamlessly integrate advanced web functionalities with stunning visual elements, Tariq ensures that each DBM project is both a technical marvel and a visual delight. His passion for technology and design, along with his commitment to excellence, continues to inspire and elevate the brand.

Tariq hussain

Web Developer and Lead Designer

Muhammad Haris Butt is a seasoned Lead Mobile App Developer at DBM, bringing six years of extensive industry experience to the table. Proficient in Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter, Haris excels in developing top-tier, user-friendly mobile applications that not only meet but surpass client expectations. His deep understanding of mobile app development best practices, coupled with a passion for innovation and a meticulous attention to detail, enables him to deliver exceptional mobile solutions that propel business growth. At DBM, Haris plays a pivotal role in driving the technological advancements that underpin our cutting-edge architectural and design services.

Muhammad Haris Butt

Lead App Developer

Rakibul Islam is the Lead Designer at DBM, a subsidiary of Modish.ai, where he manages a team of talented designers. Renowned for his innovative and visually captivating designs, Rakibul blends artistic creativity with meticulous attention to detail, setting new standards in the industry. He has earned accolades for transforming complex design concepts into engaging and aesthetically pleasing layouts. Known for his ability to seamlessly integrate typography, imagery, and whitespace, Rakibul ensures that each DBM project is both a visual delight and a coherent narrative experience. His passion for design and commitment to excellence continue to inspire and elevate the brand.

Rakibul Islam

Lead Designer at DBM