Modish Designs

Elevating Design with AI

We are taking design to the next level. Modish Designs plans to transform a billion+ spaces by 2030. As the AI interior design market heads towards a $20 billion valuation in the next seven years, join the ranks of large architectural firms and industry professionals utilizing AI for innovative design solutions. With Modish Designs, experience a transformation of your spaces that is effortless and extraordinary. Our expert team manages all the details, ensuring you enjoy a seamless journey through the realms of creativity and innovation.

Streamlined Design Experience

Just share photos of your space and let our AI, supported by expert design insights, take it from there.

Comprehensive Portfolio Development

We create a full range of 3D design options for you, with minimal input required on your part.

Complete Project Oversight

From concept to final portfolio, our team oversees every detail, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

Spaces We Redesign

Professional Photography Service

Need high-quality photos of your home or space? For $275, we’ll send a local photographer to capture the perfect shots of each space, the best shots will be selected and curated for your Modish.Ai transformation. Enhance your design experience with professional-grade imagery.

Spaces We Redesign

Modish Designs transforms a variety of spaces including Bathrooms, Offices, Kitchens, Event Spaces, Game Rooms, Closets, Pantries, Linen Closets, Hallways, Stairways, Restaurants, Hotel Rooms, Basements, Attics, Garages, and more!”

Styles We Offer

Modish Designs transforms a variety of spaces including Bathrooms, Offices, Kitchens, Event Spaces, Game Rooms, Closets, Pantries, Linen Closets, Hallways, Stairways, Restaurants, Hotel Rooms, Basements, Attics, Garages, and more!”

Clients Embracing Our Designs

Design Firms and Institutions, Architectural Firms, Home Renovation Companies, Furniture Stores, Developers, Restaurants, Retail Spaces, Magazine Editors, Interior Designers, Airbnb Hosts, Event Planners, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Hotels, Buyers and Sellers, Kid Room Enthusiast 

Physical 3D Portfolio Delivery

Desire a tangible showcase of your redesigned space? For $225 (plus shipping), we provide a professionally printed 3D portfolio, delivered to you via 2-day air. Experience the tactile pleasure of flipping through your potential designs. 

Real Estate Firms

Let AI Partner With You To Close Sales!

Real Estate Agents: We are currently living in the future! Flying cars and talking robots are here in real time. When it comes to selling property, we need to make sure your sales approach matches the trend. Embrace the future with Modish Designs’ Real Estate Design 3D Portfolio. It’s time to revolutionize how you present properties, offering buyers not just a glimpse of ‘what is’ but an exciting vision of ‘what could be.’ 


Transformative Real Estate with AI

Complete 3D Portfolio "As Is" and "What Could Be": $499

  • Demonstrate the home in its current state then reveal it transformed with up to 4 different visionary designs.
  • Each design uniquely reshapes the property showcasing its potential and elevating its market appeal.
  • Original, AI-crafted transformations tailored to highlight the property's unique character.

AI-Generated Sales Narrative

  • An AI-crafted sales pitch that articulates the property’s charm in its current and potential states.
  • 4 distinct, beautifully written narratives accompany each design, weaving the story of the property’s transformation.
  • Perfect for mass email blasts to potential buyers.

Cost Transfer to Enhance Property Appeal

  • Get approximate renovation costs for each space, equipping buyers with a clear vision of their dream’s feasibility.
  • Empower buyers with detailed, realistic estimates, making the transformation more approachable.
  • Want more design styles  for a small fee, we can make this happen

Estimated Renovation Costs

  • The expense of our Real Estate Design 3D Portfolio service is not an out-of-pocket cost for agents. Rather, it can be conveniently included in the seller’s closing costs, enhancing the property’s appeal without additional financial strain on the agent.
  • This approach not only elevates the property’s value but also positions it as a prime, future-ready investment.
  • for Localized Transformation

  • This technology enables agents to present properties in innovative, captivating ways, directly from their devices.
  • Offer on iOS to all of your agents, giving them the power to recreate listings locally.

Elevating the Art of Property Sales

  • We are reshaping the essence of property staging and sales.
  • Our approach is not just about selling a house; it’s about presenting a lifestyle, a dream, and the potential for transformation.

Important Footnote for Agents

  • Please advise sellers that our technology works best with furnished rooms.
  • It utilizes existing elements to effortlessly upgrade the space, offering sellers a stress-free decision. 

Affordable Transformations,Pricing Plans for Every Vision

1 Space Redesign for $150
Individual Space Transformation
Perfect for a single room makeover; need a new kitchen or bathroom?
Receive a comprehensive 3D portfolio featuring 96 distinct design styles, each rendering 100% original and meticulously crafted for your space.
Witness the effortless transformation of your space into something truly remarkable.
4 Spaces Redesigned $250
Multi-Space Reinvention:
(Perfect for Apartments, Small Homes, Small Office Spaces
Elevate four spaces with our 3D portfolio, showcasing 96 unique design styles, each carefully tailored to your specific space.
Enjoy a high-level overview and a detailed narrative for each style, offering a fresh perspective and insight.
Up to 10 Spaces Redesigned $499
Comprehensive Estate Transformation:
Perfect for Large Homes, Lofts, Estates, Large Retail Spaces
Embark on an expansive redesign with a 3D portfolio of 192 innovative design styles, each uniquely suited to your estate
Revitalize your space with unique, hassle-free transformations. Need more space? No worries, a custom proposal awaits.